01. My tooth was totally decayed, so my dentist decided to [extract] it.
02. Citric acid which is [extracted] from fruits such as oranges and lemons can be used to make powerful cleaning products.
03. Emily is working on a research project studying the genes of DNA [extracted] from fruit flies.
04. In the old days of dentistry, tooth [extractions] were done without the benefit of proper painkilling medication.
05. Too many large corporations [extract] incredible profits from factories producing goods in the Third World, where workers are paid as little as $2.00 a day.
06. The police were able to [extract] enough information from one of the boys arrested to formally charge the leader of the gang.
07. I read an [extract] from an old public health manual which provided hilarious advice to young men on how to approach sex with their new wives without frightening them.
08. The almond [extract] gives a delicious, nutty flavor to the cookies.
09. Oil companies have a long history of collaborating with repressive governments to [extract] valuable resources with little concern for the people who live near them.
10. During the Ch'ing dynasty, the local nobility and elite of China supported themselves by [extracting] taxes and rents from the common people.
11. Thick soy sauce, used by restaurants to give fried rice its dark color, is made from soy bean [extract] and molasses.
12. Vampire bats are able to [extract] their dinner of blood in approximately 20 minutes.
13. From 4,000 kilograms of roses, which totals about 55,000 blossoms, one kilogram of costly rose essence can be [extracted] to be used as a component in fragrances.
14. Someone once said that the essence of intelligence is skill in [extracting] meaning from everyday experience.
15. Protesters have managed to [extract] a promise from the large corporation to improve working conditions in its overseas factories.
16. The color and flavor of honey depends on how old the honey is, and the kind of flower that the nectar was [extracted] from.
17. Scientists have recently [extracted] DNA evidence from fossilized bone samples which suggests that Neanderthal man was not actually our ancestor.
18. According to Time magazine, the amount of crops, animals and other biomatter we [extract] from the earth each year exceeds what the planet can replace by an estimated 20%.
19. Kazakhstan's industrial sector rests on the [extraction] and processing of its abundant natural resources.
20. Some orangutans have discovered how to use sticks to [extract] insects from tree holes or to wedge out seeds from fruits.
21. The company uses [extracts] of different flowers and herbs to naturally perfume its shampoos and soaps.
22. Recent scientific studies have identified natural [extracts] which can help strengthen the body's immune system.
23. According to a recent study, over 90 percent of material [extracted] for use in manufacturing in this country goes to waste.
24. The [extraction] of my son's wisdom teeth took about half an hour.

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